26 September, 2018

Nowadays artificial intelligence is everywhere, smartphone manufacturers add it in their products such as Huawei, oppo and Samsung

Some have it in their house hold appliances  

But what is A.I?

A.I or also known as artificial intelligence, Is a system that can perform tasks that once required human assistance. IT geeks have been talking about the concept since the early days of computing due to how advanced a system like this could is, but however it was only a concept those days, today A.I is a real thing and people are both excited and terrified about it

A.I has an extremely wide margin of features and here are some of them 

·         It is fully capable of making decisions and solving problems that once would have required human help.

·         It can actively make decisions and has a deep understanding, it also has the ability to actively learn patterns and behaviors and even learn form its own mistakes.

·         It has the ability to predict the user’s actions and patterns.

·         It can make suggestions and solve complex problems such “finding the square root of 5980”.

·         It has the ability change itself and adapt to different situations

However A.I is as scary as it’s amazing

The fact that it doesn’t require human addition to function and it can make decisions by itself without the permission is a scary thought

It is proof that computers are becoming more advanced and intelligent by the day and that’s only a matter of time before they overtake humanity