26 September, 2018

Machine learning is the process where a computer registers and records different patterns and then adjusts itself based on what it’s learned some of these adjustments may include

Channeling power to processes that require it more than other processes  

By studying the patterns of the user the system can understand where the user maybe needing more out of the system and where he or she doesn’t and make changes to deliver better performance.

Example- A user plays does some light photo editing on his smartphone but he plays competitive video games. After the system recognizes his pattern it will automatically put less processing power into use when it recognizes that he is editing photos and also automatically increase the processing power to help him have a better edge when he’s playing competitively.     

Adjusting settings depending on the date, time and conditions

After studying the patterns of the user the system is able to identify the user’s preferences in settings and automatically adjust them without the user needing to adjust it themselves

Example- a user reads likes reading e-books on his smartphones at 20% brightness before going to bed, he manually adjusts the brightness and sets it at 20% for 10 days but on the 11th day the system recognizes the pattern and adjusts the brightness to 20% without the user needing to do it

Automatically suggest a certain number of actions depending on the patterns it has discovered

After studying the user’s actions and patterns the system will be able to actively predict the users next actions based on their previous patterns and actions and suggest them to the user without the user having to go looking for them.

Example-a user gets on a bus at 8am and heads for work, while on the bus he likes to listen to music on his smartphone, once he reaches his work place he switches his phone to silent, by studying this pattern and set of actions, the next day the user leaves for work , at 8am the system will automatically suggest the music application of his choice to listen to his music and when he reaches office the system will suggest the setting for the user to switch his phone to silent without him having to look for it.