01 January, 2020

New Year is the perfect opportunity to start a new chapter in your life. It's a new adventure, a new beginning, a fresh canvas to paint your life on. Make the coming year your best one yet with these mobile apps helping you guide the way.

1) Headspace

Learn the life-changing skills of meditation in just a few minutes a day with Headspace. Find hundreds of sessions on physical health, personal growth, stress management, and anxiety relief. They are all designed to help you stress less, focus more, and feel better. Download Headspace to meditate anywhere, anytime and start living a healthier, happier life. Headspace is your personal guide to health and happiness. It can help you focus, breathe, stay calm, and create the conditions for a better night’s sleep by practicing meditation and mindfulness. Download this free meditation, mindfulness, sleep app, then sit back and breathe to relax.

Alternatives: Calm, Breathe

2) Sworkit

Sworkit Fitness offers gym-free exercises and home workout plans that include; yoga, pilates, cardio and stretches for all experience levels and body types to help you with your fitness goals. Achieve muscle gain or weight loss, create customized plans, and track your workouts. Subscriptions to Sworkit Premium are available through either a monthly or a yearly subscription. Each subscription auto-renews. Let Sworkit help you make fitness a habit. 

Alternatives: Nike+ Run Club, 8Fit

3) Udemy

Whether it is furthering your business skills or developing your personal ones, Udemy has a course that will help. The online training app has courses for everything from learning to play the piano or training in reiki to machine learning and team building. Some courses are free of charge, others cost from $12 USD. There are over 65,000 courses on offer, with 20 million students signing up to take them. The only problem will be narrowing down which course you’d like to take.

Alternatives: Linkedin Learning, Udacity

4) Moment

Smartphones have taken over our lives, but some more than others. If you feel your phone is starting to dominate your life, you can try to track your screen time with an app to see just how bad the problem is. Moment is one such app, although Android has its digital wellbeing add-on and iOS has a built in screen time monitor. Moment will not only give you all the information you need, but also help you break that addiction to your smartphone.

Alternatives: Space, Mute

5) HabitMinder

Good habits are hard to make and harder to keep. The bad habits though? They seem to creep up on us all the time. So it’s nice to have a reminder to develop healthy habits. That is where HabitMinder comes in. Relaxation? Deep breathing? Keeping up with your eight glasses of water a day? All covered. There are reminders (because one habit of mine is forgetting things that aren’t immediately important) to gently prod you to walk away from your desk or schedule in some family time, and when you’ve completed your requisite task, you update the app which, ironically, is another habit in itself.

Alternatives: Habitica, StickK

Be the best version of you to be there for your family and friends with these mobile apps

We, at CreativeHub, wish you a fantastic New Year!