01 November, 2018

In most of the countries among students who are willing to start a computer degree or a diploma have a common question call what is the best programming language to learn to start programming! But the answer is there’s no language as the best language. Simply it gets differ on the requirement. As humans we have language’s to communicate with people in our day today life. But still we don’t have a language call best language for us to learn. And the languages that we use are different from country to country.

Likewise in the programming world we have handful of languages to choose and learn.

First you should get the concept of what is programming?

Programming is basically inserting a certain language to the computer in order to develop a system. Simply we interact with the computer.

So, what you should know to choose a language:

1.     What is your favorite area?

2.    Self-comfort ability with the preferred language.

Now you took the first step in order to become a programming legend!

In the industry there are so many programming languages you can choose. But if we take an area like gaming, you will find different kind of programming languages which do the same task. You will always have the privilege choose your favorite one.

And the other question is why should we learn (C, C++) when we have Java. True java does the same thing and java also have the same things like in C language. But the answer is, it is always better to learn from the basics in order to go to the next stage.

As a beginner its always better to have a proper foundation, but if you have a common understanding in fundamental topics in C language, it’s better to pursue with Java.

What matters is starting your life with programming. Just pick up your favorite area and go with it.