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12 April, 2019


Improve Business Productivity

If you’re an entrepreneur or a manager, you know all about setting and meeting goals. Chances are that you have goals for the amount of work your company should complete each week, month, quarter, and so on. But what do you do if your employees aren’t delivering?


Study your Startup

There’s no time for perfectionism when you’re running a business. If you strive for perfection, nothing will ever get completed. Sometimes, it’s better done than perfect. With that in mind, know that you will make mistakes as an entrepreneur. Mistakes are a sign of growth, resilience, and learning


Learn Everything about Dropshipping

we mentioned who now owns a $1.3 million business? Well, he actually started by making a loss of $15,000. As such, it can be trial and error as his second attempt was actually far more successful and took off. Does this mean that it all comes down to luck?