How technology can help fight wildfires

A few weeks earlier, the world witnessed the world’s largest Rainforest, the Amazon or “The Lungs of the Earth” and our very own forests in Ella, Sri Lanka being rapidly burnt down in uncontrolled blazing wildfires. On this blog post we find out how technology can help to fight wildfires.


Space will make your brain a fish tank

it turns out fluids float upward into astronauts’ brains during long spaceflights, causing their brains to expand. Even months after they’ve returned to Earth, the astronauts’ ventricles — the sacs in the brain that contain cerebrospinal fluids — remain enlarged,


10 Tips to Master Microsoft Office Word

This is an easy one you may not know about: instead of slowly pecking at the keyboard to delete text, or holding down Backspace to eliminate words or entire sentences, press Ctrl+Backspace with the cursor placed after a word you want to erase a word at a time, making a tedious task much easier.


Improve Business Productivity

If you’re an entrepreneur or a manager, you know all about setting and meeting goals. Chances are that you have goals for the amount of work your company should complete each week, month, quarter, and so on. But what do you do if your employees aren’t delivering?