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Our purpose is simple: it is about humanity and making the world more beautiful, whilst supporting our communities and caring for our world- not just today but for the future.

Distribution of free face masks to frontline heroes around Moratuwa & Piliyandala

We salute & respect all the frontline heroes who help our communities stay safe and healthy in the midst of this global pandemic.

Distributing dry rations to underprivileged families in Moratuwa

As the COVID-19 pandemic grew, many people in our society have become vulnerable and helpless. These people depended on their day\'s wages to put a me

Distributing dry rations to underprivileged families in Kalutara

Due to the ongoing global pandemic and the nationwide quarantine situation, underprivileged families have been hit quite hard.\r\n\r\nTheir sources of

Distributing dry rations to low-income families in Hatton, Piliyandala & coastal areas of Moratuwa

The ongoing global pandemic has had a devastating impact on the underprivileged.

Sharing a heartwarming lunch at Jayawardena Elders Home and donating dry rations to the elders

Our senior elders are the pillars of our communities. The CreativeHub team visited the Jayawardena Elders Home in Kesbewa and had a heartwarming day b

Distributing dry rations to underprivileged families in Nuwara eliya

For many families in rural villages in Nuwara eliya, dry rations and other essential items have been out of reach due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.